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What basic requirements a real steroid raws manufacture should have?

What basic requirements a real steroid raws manufacture should have?

Date:2016-05-25  Hit:1154

1. Meet the GMP standard

Good manufacturing practice, a requirement for manufacturers of foods and medications. GMP which is born to assure the qualified rate in the production process contains all aspects of the requirements from the plant, equipment, personal training, health condition, air and water purification, and the production of documents. GMP is a vital reference factor when choose a faithful supplier because only the golden manufacturer can meet the demand of the GMP standard.

2. Professional and prompt customer service

Real manufacturers always have professional and prompt customer service because they offer a integrated training for stuff to offer the best service for clients. After you have done the payment, you can always get the tracking number within 1-2 working days and specific delivery status of the package also kept updated well with clients.

3.HPLC test for every batch products

The real manufacturers have their own factory and professional test equipment to assure the quality, so every batch products of the production line should have its unique COA( certificated of analysis). It is ridiculous that many distributors or fake manufacturers always use same HPLC test report to deceive clients.

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